Friday, December 31, 2010

Index of Doctrines

I plan to soon add an alphabetical list of doctrines which will link to the posts that contain the scriptures for those doctrines.

In the meantime, you can use the archive listing of posts in the right-hand column of the blog to find posts for particular doctrines. Doctrines are listed in alphabetical order, except for new doctrines added in the future, which will appear near the top.

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Comments for particular doctrines should focus on that specific doctrine or on specific scriptures listed under that doctrine. Suggestions for other scriptures that relate to the doctrine and should be added are welcome. Comments that I feel contribute to the understanding of the doctrine or to listed scriptures will be published. I may add suggested scriptures to the list of scriptures for that doctrine in the post whether or not I publish the comment that suggested the scriptures. Comments that are respectful in tone and contribute understanding to the language of the scriptures and how they may apply to the doctrine have a better chance of being published. Periodically, if the number of comments for a doctrine grows large, I may delete some of them to save space.